Turkmenistan invites investors to participate in gas chemistry projects

At the second day of the 24th Oil and Gas Conference of Turkmenistan, held in Ashgabat, participants repeatedly emphasized the importance of projects for processing hydrocarbons into high-value-added products that are in demand on the world market.

Representatives of the Turkmengaz State Concern noted that they are open for cooperation with foreign investors on a number of projects, including in the field of gas chemistry, which are planned to be implemented in the country in the coming years.

Among them is an enterprise for the production of rubber and polystyrene in the Lebap region, the total annual volume of which will be the production of polymers – rubber, polystyrene, ethane and benzene; factories for the production of methyldiethanolamine and other polymers based on the Kiyanly polymer plant; polyvinyl acetate (PVAC) and methanol enterprises in the Dashoguz region; as well as increasing the volume and range of products in the gas chemical complex for the production of synthetic fuel in the Ahal region.

Turkmenistan is actively implementing a program of diversification and industrialization of the fuel and energy complex, expanding markets for high-quality products.