Yug-Neftegaz of Singapore offers a number of areas of cooperation at OGT-2019

The 24th International Conference and Exhibition “Oil and Gas of Turkmenistan 2019” finished in Ashgabat. One of the participants in the annual event was the International Oil Company Yug-Neftegaz (Singapore).

Speaking at the conference, Company Director Igor Burkinsky proposed focusing on drilling new vertical, deviated and horizontal wells, expanding the range and increasing the scope of various wells overhaul works as well as more active application of water limiting technologies.

He also told about the work experience gained in Turkmenistan and new projects to be carried out in the country.

The Yug-Neftegaz Private Limited branch in Turkmenistan opened in 2008. The same year, the company signed a 4-year contract with the Turkmennebit State Concern to carry out wells overhaul, and in 2014, it concluded an agreement with the Turkmengeology for 2D/3D geophysical explorations, including field work.

Yug-Neftegaz carries out activities in Turkmenistan at such fossil fuel fields as Goturdepe, Barsa Gelmez, Keymir, Gamyshlyja and others.

Additional seismic exploration works using more modern equipment and software can be an important element in increasing reserves at deposits. The company conducted seismic surveys at the Goturdepe and Barsa Gelmez fields to a depth of 7 km.

To date, the company has performed field work 100%, completed the processing and interpretation of data and presented the outcomes of 3D surveys within the Northern Goturdepe field and shallow water of the Caspian Sea.