EU invites big business to the construction of the TRANS-Caspian Gas Pipeline

– The European Union cannot build the TRANS-Caspian Gas Pipeline at its own discretion. As well as Turkmenistan cannot. It is necessary to involve large companies in this project – Erlendas Grigorovich, Representative of the Directorate General for Energy of the European Commission, spoke from the rostrum of the OGT-2019 conference.

The EU is extremely interested in the construction of a gas pipeline under the Caspian Sea and will readily support companies that decide to take part in the project implementation, the speaker noted. But the grandiose construction cannot be implemented without the consolidation of efforts in the political sphere and the field of big business.

– European companies can offer consulting services and monitoring in the field of ecological security of construction – Mr. Grigorovich informed the conference participants.

The issue of building a pipeline under the Caspian Sea was raised at the Caspian Economic Forum, held in Avaza in August. At that time the special representative of the European Union in Central Asia Peter Burian said that the new EU strategy involves the possibility of purchasing Turkmen gas.

According to Mr. Burian, in 2019, the EU “intensified discussions with Turkmenistan on energy cooperation, including the construction of the TRANS-Caspian Pipeline.”

Today Mr. Grigorovich confirmed this intention by inviting major energy companies to participate in the project implementation.